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CHAANG CHERNG is manufacturer of power sprayer , Lawn Mower and accessories in Taiwan. We have engaged in this field for more than 25 year and our product have been enjoying high reputation for excellent quality. In pursuant of quanlty , we have been certified with ISO-9001 from 2004 to present. We are obliged to develop a long-term business relationship in supplying with these excellent products and great service. Since its inception in 1976 , CHAANG CHERNG has expanded from a local company.

Chaang Cherng Co., Ltd. is your leading industry resource for manufacturers and product information on the portable power sprayer. We provide a variety of portable power sprayer, all with competitive price. Also, we are have an expert team of engineers both in the Taiwan and overseas and a world-class supply chain ensuring prompt delivery of quality products. For over 40 years, we've offered the trusted portable power sprayer to fit our customers requirement.

Portable Power Sprayer in Taiwan

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Product Name :

Portable Power Sprayer

Description :

Portable Power Sprayer is very suitable for husbandry because you can take it to anywhere. With Portable Power Sprayer, your argicultural work would be more easier than ever before.

Specification :

G45H      45c.c.
11 kg
50 kgf/cm2
12 L/min
L . W . H

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As a result of its commitment to R&D, manufacturing and quality control, Chaang Cherng Co., Ltd. engineers reliable and long-lasting solutions as a partner for continuous improvement. With extensive expertise in engineering and product design, Chaang Cherng Co., Ltd. able to offer value-added products to our customers. We review our offerings regularly to make sure our prices are competitive, if not the lowest available. For more details about our portable power sprayer, please contact with us immediately.

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